company at a glance

We are a service and sales oriented company with regional presence in East Africa creating a difference in the standard practices of integrated petroleum solutions as we continue to explore other areas.

Our History

Petroleum and Industrial Services (PIS) was established in the year 1998 with an objective to be the leading maintenance and service providing company in the eastern African countries. Since 1998, PIS has offered quick, reliable service for delivery of gas station equipment and maintenance. According to the Managing Director (MD), Mr Ravi Vora, "the company is looking forward to a time when personnel and equipment will move across the region unhindered. He says this would revolutionize the business environment in the region by supporting unprecedented growth."

PIS have come a long way since the time it started and now PIS is among the market leaders and maintains petroleum facilities for several major oil companies in East Africa. From the year 2000, PIS is leading in the Supply and Maintenance of petrol station equipment to all major oil companies in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

PIS has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya with subsidiaries in Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.


To sincerely offer quality Maintenance & Installation Services to our customers across the region through successful partnership with our suppliers and our employees while respecting the interests and goals of each party.


To be the leading maintenance and a service provider company in East Africa. Our strength is in our industrial control, superior products, quality service offering and our close and old strong customer relations as we create new ones. We focus on R&D that allows us to settle at the forefront of knowledge and innovation in the petroleum industry.